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The Fine Art of Small Talk (Hyperion)
By Debra Fine
ISBN: 1-4013022-6-2
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“Fine fully engages her audience. She involves readers in the discussion and gives the lists of lines people can use to start, maintain, or end a conversation. She discusses conversation topics and how to use them and also includes quizzes, throws in a poem and scatters a few cartoons to break up the test. Originally released as an audiocassette in 1997, this work comes across much like one of her seminars on small talk.”

The Library Journal- About The Fine Art of Small Talk (ISBN 1-4013022-6-2 )

Do you spend an abnormal amount of time hiding out in the bathroom or hanging out at the buffet table at social gatherings? Does the thought of striking up a conversation with a stranger make your stomach do flip-flops? Do you sit nervously through job interviews waiting for the other person to speak? Are you a “Nervous Ned” (or Nervous Nellie”) when it comes to networking? Then it’s time you mastered The Fine Art Of Small Talk. With practical advice and conversation “cheat sheets”, The Fine Art of Small Talk will help you learn to feel more comfortable in any type of situation, from lunch with the boss to a networking event to a cocktail party where you don’t know a soul.

THE FINE ART OF SMALL TALK offers the skills you need to to:

Debra makes for a great interview and can talk about anything having to do with improving conversation  techniques, mingling tips and networking skills. She has been a Rotarian for over 12 years she is an active volunteer in politics and charitable organizations near her home in Denver, Colorado. Debra is a professional member of the National Speakers Association and the Colorado Chapter of the National Speakers Association. Debra is on the road giving workshops and motivational speeches around the country to companies that include Cisco Systems , Boy Scouts of America, the Texas Board of Education and Wells Fargo Bank as well as for association and non-profit meetings and events.

Some dates to keep in mind when considering Debra as a guest or interview include:

With practical advice and conversation “cheat sheets,” THE FINE ART OF SMALL TALK will help you learn to meet your potential and feel more comfortable in any type of social situation, from lunch with the boss to a corporate soiree where you hardly know a soul. Let Debra Fine, former engineer turned nationally recognized motivational speaker and trainer; transform you from a tongue-tied wallflower into a smooth-talking small talker!

Story Ideas For Your Audience…

Put Your Mouth Where Your Money Is: Could your reserved or brusque demeanor be driving off customers? Just because you love your business doesn’t guarantee that money will follow. Customers, clients, and patients take their business where they feel comfortable- and small talk is a great way to open your doors.

If These Walls Could Talk: Not sure how to start a conversation? The walls may hold the answer. Conversation pieces are everywhere- the diploma on the wall, the pin on someone’s jacket, the centerpiece on the table- pick one and you just may be surprised where the conversation takes you.

Wallflowers Are Just Late Bloomers: Are you tired of going to singles parties and coming home alone, too afraid to talk to anyone? Do you feel doomed to be watching Saturday Night Live alone week after week after week? Do you shy away from every attractive person you meet because you’re certain you have nothing worthwhile to say? Learn to break out the small talk and see how fast both you and your social life blossom.

And for the Lousy Conversationalists!

Has a conversation crime or misdemeanor ruined your prospects for the perfect job?
If you’ve ever walked away from a job fair, interview or networking event regretting something you said, wishing you had “hit it off” better with decision makers, struggled to understand why the entire meeting felt awkward, or just knew you talked too much, you’ve become what conversation expert Debra Fine calls the “conversation killer”. If you find yourself an offender, beware: …your prospects may be at risk.

According to Debra Fine, author and nationally recognized expert on communication skills, small talk can be a powerful conversation tool – if you know how to use it correctly. Small talk is crucial to successful interviews as well as networking. Whether you are joining decision makers for lunch, walking down the hall with the hiring manager, attending an industry related event, building rapport with conversation skills and techniques can make all the difference.”

According to Fine, four of the worst offenders on the conversation killer list are:

Debra can share key insights including:

A nationally recognized keynote speaker, bestselling author and conversation expert, Debra Fine is a former engineer who travels the country teaching professionals how to master the art of small talk. Described by the Denver Postas a “mixture of stand-up comic, therapist and teacher” Debra Fine is the author of The Fine Art of Small Talk: How to Start A Conversation, Keep it Going, Build Rapport – And Leave a Positive Impression.

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The Fine Art of The Big Talk (Hyperion)
By Debra Fine
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Praise for The Fine Art of The Big Talk:
“The Fine Art of The Big Talk provides us with all the techniques and tactics we need to win over the people we live with and work alongside. I can’t recommend this book enough.
It’s a must-have!” – Susan Fenner, Ph.D., Education and Professional Development Manager, IAAP

Praise for Debra Fine:
“Anyone who’s ever panicked over the prospect of talking to people they don’t know would do well to read Debra Fine’s book.” – Boston Globe

“Fine is a mixture of stand-up comic, therapist, and teacher.” – Denver Post

Important discussions at the office—whether asking for a raise and promotion, or telling an employee that there’s a problem with his or her performance—are often difficult and easy to put off. We all know what it’s like to avoid these “big talk” conversations, and how the longer we procrastinate, the harder it is when we finally confront the issue. In THE FINE ART OF THE BIG TALK: How to Win Clients, Deliver Great Presentations, and Solve Conflicts at Work (Hyperion; $16.95), conversation guru Debra Fine show us how to handle the most uncomfortable office interactions and achieve what we want in each situation.

After mastering the art of small talk in her previous book, The Fine Art of Small Talk, Fine is back to show you how to transition to The Big Talk and take conversations to the next level. Knowing your audience managing the conversation, identifying sources of conflict, and sending out positive energy are just some of the keys that Fine outlines that will help everyone conquer the Biggest of talks.

Conversation – Big Talk – is the key to achieving nearly all our goals, and everyone is capable of having a productive conversation, even when the topic at hand isn’t an easy one to discuss. Fine’s specific advise demonstrates how to broach any subject with your boss, co-worker, or client, and how to walk away from the interaction without having damaged your professional relationship. By providing advice that is both relevant and simple to implement, THE FINE ART OF THE BIG TALK is the perfect book for every step on the corporate ladder, from the CEO to the administrative staff. Readers will gain the techniques that will result in improved work environment, increased revenues, and positive interactions in the workplace.

THE FINE ART OF THE BIG TALK includes specific advice on what to say, when to say it, and what body language to use to achieve the desired results. The book will help readers learn how to:

In addition, a final chapter, “Master Tech Talk,” includes instructions on how to leave clear voicemail messages, send e-mails that won’t be misinterpreted, and take advantage of online marketing. With this extra tool in your belt, you can be an expert at communication in the 21st century.Reassuring and easy to implement, THE FINE ART OF THE BIG TALK is the necessary guidebook for anyone who has ever worried about how to approach a tough conversation. It will help even the most awkward speakers tackle the weightiest subjects. Go ahead – conquer The Big Talk!


Beyond Texting: The Fine Art of Face-to-Face Communication for Teenagers is the first book for teens to explain how to be plugged in without neglecting the necessity and power of physical, human interaction. Even the most outgoing teen may find a job interview, first date or meeting with a teacher to be challenging because of lack of skill. Offering practical advice and cheat sheets Beyond Texting strives to help teens balance their digital and real world image and relationships. This book is for the teenager who wants to learn to:


About Debra Fine

Author and small talk guru Debra Fine began her career as an engineer, an occupation that allowed her to maintain her natural shyness and avoid situations that required social interactions. But, after the birth of her two children, Debra took time off from her career and observed those around her who seemed to be natural small talkers. Seeing how others’ speaking abilities allowed them to flourish, Debra decided she was tired of being shy. Around the same time, she lost 65 pounds. This transformation gave Debra all the more confidence. And, after Debra and her husband divorced, she was further compelled to initiate friendships and hone her mingling skills.

Debra researched and studied strategies for starting conversations, keeping them going, remembering names, “actively” listening, exiting with grace and generally making a positive impression on those with whom she struck up conversation. The result is THE FINE ART OF SMALL TALK—a book handy for anyone from business executive to PTA parents, students facing post-college interviews to singles trying to make love connections.
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Debra Fine special on CBS Channel 4 News. Debra Fine is a professional speaker, best selling author, conversation expert, communication guru, and a nationally recognized spokesperson.

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Covers everything from icebreakers to exit lines. Building business, getting dates, making friends or landing jobs this book is guaranteed to improve conversational skills, mingling ability, and networking techniques.

All the same incredible content, in an all new format. Get The Fine Art of Small Talk for Kindle!

Debra's January 2008 follow up book to her bestseller. The Fine Art of the Big Talk: How to Win Clients, Deliver Great Presentations, and Solve Conflicts at Work.

Feel more at ease at parties, banquets, receptions, and networking events. Use icebreakers that work every time. Engage anyone in conversation with poise and confidence. All In One USB Flash Drive (Mac or PC compatible): ­-3.5 hours
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Beyond Texting: The Fine Art of Face-to-Face Communication for Teenagers
Offering practical advice and cheat sheets Beyond Texting strives to help teens balance their digital and real world image and relationships.

The Fine Art of Small Talk: How to Start a Conversation, Keep It Going, Build Networking Skills – And Leave a Positive Impression! (Unabridged) Nationally recognized communication expert, keynote speaker and trainer, and best-selling author Debra Fine reveals the techniques and strategies anyone can use to make small talk - in any situation. Do you spend an abnormal amount of time hiding out in the bathroom or hanging out at the buffet table at social gatherings?

Our group of 500 participants thought you were wonderful. They loved the topic and your wonderfully energetic and amusing delivery. Many people told me we should have given you twice as much time. In the eight years that we have sponsored this conference you have proved to be our most popular luncheon speaker. The response was simply overwhelming"
Melodye A. Turek
Executive Director
Colorado Safety Association